Barbie dress #3

Hello everyone!

Djeez, it has been a while! How are you all doing? Here a little update on what happened in my life during the last few months:
- I found myself an amazing boyfriend. Yeah, he is also probably the reason I had no time anymore to post stuff here.
- The best group of friends ever have found their way into my life. Terrorizing other people's life under the name of "Bottums Up" and acting like we are a dispuut has increased my student life intensively.
- Last summer I have been working in France for two months as an animator for Vacansoleil. Summer of my life.
- I turned nineteen in September! I feel sooooo old!

Those are the global big happenings in my life so far. But. There is more. Yesterday evening my sister and I watched tv a bit (Miljoenenjacht,"Millions Hunt", a guy won 710,000 euros) when all of a sudden this amazing commercial came on. Yeah yeah, I know, commercials are never fun, but just you wait! RTL4 is looking for some candidates to enter their new program called "Oog van de Naald", and as you can guess it's a show about sewing. They are looking for duos who want to participate in this competition where you have to remodel, restyle, create new clothes and most of all challenge yourself. So we decided it is finally time to put our skills to a test and subscribe! This made me think of this blog again and all the lovely things I have been creating lately and not yet have shared with you guys!

I present to you: The Blue Barbie dress you guys have never seen! In some pictures the fabric seems a bit purple but that's thanks to my horrible photographer skills. So let's zoom in on the ins and outs of this dress. First of all, as we can all see, I hadn't heard of the term 'lining' or 'interfacing' at the moment I made this (1,5 years ago). So the bodice is a bit shapeless and it itches like crazy, but hey, for the picture it's okay. Also as unskilled as I was back then, I choose for organza to go over the strapless body thinking it would give a beautiful and shiny effect. Well it does indeed add a bit of shine, but the edges are completely falling apart. Learned big deal from that mistake. Also, the waist part hasn't got any reinforcement underneath making it hang a bit and look weird. So unexperienced, I can't repeat it enough. The only thing I'm really happy with is the skirt. It puffs just exactly as I wanted it to and because I did add a skirt underneath it stays well in place. The flower fabric makes it stand out, so I just hope everyone will look at the skirt :p.

So to conclude, I love the idea of this dress, but not the fabric choices I have made. I might consider making this dress again, and completely nail it due to my dramatically increased experience. Still really happy with these McCalls patterns, but for all the skinnier girls out there: You might want to crop the patterns at the front part of the bodice and the waist a bit. Yeah I need the length of a size 38, but not the Cup C...

Shout out to my lovely sister Celeste who helped me through the hell of finishing this dress and making sure I didn't collapse while sewing!

Love ya all!



BIG NEWS! My finals have ended! And that means I am allowed within 2 meters of my sewing machine again!. So since next week is Christmas and everything I decided that I would do my fabric shopping all at once. And I think I actually managed to not forget anything. So here are the projects I want to finish this Christmas brake:

New Look 6028

The general classic Chanel fabric with matching shiny interfacing
My sister is going to scream when she will open her Christmas present (or at least, I hope she will). She has been whining, yes whining, about wanting a Chanel jacket for ages. So I thought, why not give her all the stuff to create her own jacket? I hope she will actually finish this project, she the type that has 99 unfinished things lying around.
Black chiffon with silver embroidery. For the cuffs I got black interfacing.
The black buttons are for the front.

Vogue 1368

The next thing I bought fabric for is the Vogue set I'm making for my mom as a Christmas present. I chose black chiffon with silver embroidery to make it easy to combine and festive. Only thing I realized when I came home is that this is actually horrible fabric. Really. First, it can't be pressed (the silver embroidery will melt) and secondly, the ends curl up like craze. Oh well, let's just see it as a challenge. I just too in love with the result I have pictured in my head to give up already. I'm using some buttons I found recently in a lost-and-found bag I inherited from my grandma. My mom was really close with her, so I hope She will appreciate getting this as a tribute to my grandma for present.

The model wil get some personal adaptions to make it more
a princess dress. 

Yellow fabric & tulle for the dress. Orange interfacing, golden sequin
lining and some boning.

The third project is the Princess Daisy Dress about which I have been talking a lot :). I got yellow fabric for the bodice and yellow tulle for the skirt. The underlining will be orange and I got a 3m golden sequin band to finish off. This is going to be a tricky project since it is going to be my first time working with boning for in the corset. Anyone got any tips?

6m fabric for only 6 euro. I had to bike home, otherwise I would've bought more :)

Last but not least, I went to my most favorite stall, namely the 1 euro per meter stall. I always get a lot of fabric here, since it won't mind if my project turns out completely wrong. The fabric is still good quality, so in the few cases that the tryouts works out well, they'll still be acceptable to wear! I'm currently really busy working on the Vogue blouse, probably it'll be up tomorrow!


Finals and stuff

Yeah, so I'm kinda having some troubles getting everything done for my finals which end this week, so that's why I'm not updating on any projects at the moment. But, Tuesday will be the big buy-fabrics-to-survive-all-Christmas day, so to get in the mood, here are some sketches on the Princess Daisy dress that will be made.


Barbie Princess Charm School dress

Good evening everyone!
As I posted a while ago, I couldn't wait to show you all my very own masterpiece. It is big, pink fluffy and glittery. And that description fits Barbie entirely! My sister, two friends of us and I together made a remake of the movie "Barbie: Princess Charm School". For those who haven't seen it (I don't blame you, it is normal not to be watching Barbie as a grown up), Barbie is called Blaire and lives in a sort of New Yorkish inspired kingdom. Her mother is really sick, but not able to pay for the doctor, so Blaire has to generate all the income by working at a restaurant. Her little sis Emily signs her up for a yearly lottery in which one girl is chosen to attend the Princess Charm School and will be educated to become a Lady Royal or in the case of blue blood, a princess. Blaire has a hard time fitting in but becomes friends with her roommates. In the end they discover that not mean girl Delancy is the heir to the throne of the kingdom, but Blaire turned out to be a long lost princess (her parents were poisoned by Delancy's mom) and claimed her right to the throne. All ends well. But of course, it wasn't the story that we loved, it was the dresses (and the fact that we could make everything pink).

Barbie Princess Charm School leading roles. Note that they too
each have a different top on their dress.

 We decided that we would not exactly remake the dresses, but add our own little touch to it. Only Barbie's dress would have a long and puffy skirt, the others would get more the type of dresses teenagers actually wear. I used McCall's 6466 (look two posts back for the designs) for all 4 dresses. Here's a little foto diary on the making of the Barbie dress:

That feeling when you come home from the fabric market
and the glory of all the new uncut fabric!

This dress needed some serious planning
Working out the tulle. The patterns you see lying on the ground
are 1/4 of one layer of the skirt. So yes, I had to cut that
8 times!
Putting together the outside of the skirt, baby pink
Try not to get lost!
Almost there!

Trying to make the skirt fit...

The dress is just getting bigger and bigger!

Awww yeah! Only the underskirt left to attach!
And I present to you: Princess Barbie in full glory

I STILL HAVE A TRAUMA FROM MAKING THAT SKIRT. McCall's wanted me to put 6 (!!!) layers of tulle in the skirt. Frankly they wanted me to end up as a long lost ballerina or something. I'll share a little secret: I only used 2 layers... Also this is the point where my grandma's 30 year old sewing machine finally decided to stop working and needed replacement. Fun fact: I broke a total of 8 needles on this dress. Yeah, I still was a bit unexperienced when I made this dress 6 months ago.

 Thanks for reading!


Snow White got restyled

Meet Snow White. She's a girl who ran away from home, decided to explore the forest and lived with 7 men. So I thought, why wear the clumsy, tricky dress to run through the forest if you can also dress up in a warm comfy coat, but keep it princessy with rhinestones and a skirt?

My old Snow White doll posing in her
new outfit (she's missing some eyelashes). 

Well, actually my inspiration came from somewhere else. I recently found a old bag, which has been lost and found and lost and found during al the moving from the past few years. It contained my grandma's last projects before she passed away. I was pretty awed by this finding, and immediately decided to turn her last projects into something she would have loved. She had already started to make the skirt, so I finished it. While analyzing the other materials, I figured that she had wanted to finish the outfit with a jacket. So I tried to make one of those old fashioned traveling coats women wore in the 1850's.

Don't you just love the gold rose pin?

The collar was made with the black fake fur out of my grandma's scrap bag. To hold both the coat together I used a beautiful pin out of the bag. I had some trouble with getting the sleeves fitted since I made the entire thing without using a pattern. In the end I decided she would get puffed sleeves, since that was easier for me :).

The beautiful skirt under the coat was made
by my lovely grandma.
I'm really happy with the way the lace worked out,
plus the rhinestones are fabs!
At first I only had the black lace outlining the coat. I thought I was finished, but when I looked at the outcome I realized that it looked like she was wearing a black dress with long sleeves. So I added the black rhinestones hoping they would emphasize the outlining of the coat. When that had no effect either I decided to add red rhinestones, matching her hair bow.

Since the back was a bit tight, the train
of the skirt didn't end up so well...

The biggest burden of the whole project was getting the back into shape. Maybe next time I should think about making a pattern. Because I was mostly focusing on how to get the front right, I completely forgot to put some thought into how to cut the back piece. I ended up with making a V so the coat would fit tightly around her waist and bum.

I still have three other dolls that need some serious upgrading, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle. Since I've had them like forever I'll be taking them to my apartment when I move out this February. But I figured that simple Princess Dresses won't be considered 'cool' in a student dorm, so the others will be upgraded to more modern fashion I guess. Next up is Sleeping Beauty. I have some pink scraps left from the Barbie dress, so guess I'll use those to make her a beautiful new dress. With a train, roses and glitters. Yes that sounds great!

 Happy sewing!



Alright, my excitement is reaching a peak right now! A lovely package was delivered to our mailbox today, which contained two sets of new patterns! I ordered them at the site www.naaipatronen.nl, a Dutch website with like millions of patterns, my shopping heaven.

Vogue - 1368

 This pattern, a replica of the original DKNY set, from Vogue wil be a Christmas present for my mom. I like how they used sequin fabric for the show model, so that I'm going to use as well. But I'm choosing for black sequins since that is easier to wear under a blazer or jacket. I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to make the whole set for her or just the blouse and undershirt. The skirt just looks like an item you won't wear often when made out of sequin fabric. Making one with a solid fabric would be an option, it's just that you lose the dress effect when choosing the same fabric for the skirt and blouse.

McCall's - M6838

And than the second gift (actually not a gift, I just had to pay for them like anyone else) was a set of patterns made by McCalls's. The design of the blue dress will be used for making a Princess Daisy dress which I will wear to an Animecon this summer. Later on I'll publish a post completely devoted to this madness around the Daisy dress. By the way, I'm thinking that maybe I could use these patterns for making a dress for the Elf Fantasy Fair too. It would save me some money on buying new patterns...

 Happy sewing!


Elf Fantasy Fair- Elfia

I have this friend, we've known each other for six years now, throughout high school (yes, in the Netherlands high school takes 6(!) years). Only recently did we find out that we share the same passion for sewing! First thing we (she) decided is that we would group up and attend an Animecon together. She has already been there a couple times whereas I'm an anime greenie. She is going to get some friends together and maybe the boyfriends will even come along, so we have a group big enough to form the Mario Bros, more info on that later. But, what we suddenly realized. In April the Elf Fantasy Fair will be held at some castle ground near Utrecht (city in central Holland). Just to give you an idea: 25000 people dressed up as anything, from anime to farmers, from Harry Potter to Queen Elisabeth.

Castle de Haar, Haarzuilens, home to Elfia - the Elf Fantasy Fair

It really doesn't matter who or what you are dressed as. It can be crazy, it can be subtle, everyone respects the other. Fun thing about these sort of fairs is that a person's costume reflects who he/she actually wants to be. And of course, I already am planning on the dress I will make.

This cosplayer from the edition in 2010 inspired me like completely. Blue and gold it is.

These fabrics are from the webshop of Van Gool Fabrics in Tilburg (the city where I study!). Probably these won't be the exact fabrics I will use since they are quite expensive. But you get the idea right?

The type of dress I am looking for is going to be a Renaissance/Civil War dress. Guess that choice says a lot about me. Love glitters and big dresses. But of course the hardest part is choosing the model of the dress. Long sleeves or jacket. Train or no train (well, actually that one is easy, no train, otherwise it will be completely ruined after walking around for a whole day). So I've got some designing to do. And have to figure out how to use the scanner. Then I can upload some real quality instead of having to feed you with poorly made pictures of the designs.


McCall's Princess Dress

Well okay, I'll just write another entry, just because I'm so excited to be back! So last summer I had this huge project. I made 4 (!) pretty tough dresses. They all had a different shape and different colors, but matching fabrics which made them so cute together! Inspiration came from Barbie, since the dresses were used in a remake of "Barbie, Princess Charm School". Since I don't want you all to get scared and run away because the current pictures I have are terrible, please give me some time to take publish-worthy photo's :) In the meantime, here are the pictures made by McCall's: (but I have to say, my dress turned out quite different)

Wintercup 2013

Dear all, God! So excited! Deleted all my previous posts and am starting with a new fresh start! So, let my first post be about my true passion: figure skating. I currently skate in a synchro team, two even. Kids on Ice Junior & Senior, I'll talk to you guys later about what the titels mean. Last weekend we had the Wintercup, a competition in Gullegem, Belgium. Here are some impressive amazing pics:
So this was my first little treat for y'all (nah, kidding, I'm not from Texas of course), have a good evenin'! Love!