Alright, my excitement is reaching a peak right now! A lovely package was delivered to our mailbox today, which contained two sets of new patterns! I ordered them at the site www.naaipatronen.nl, a Dutch website with like millions of patterns, my shopping heaven.

Vogue - 1368

 This pattern, a replica of the original DKNY set, from Vogue wil be a Christmas present for my mom. I like how they used sequin fabric for the show model, so that I'm going to use as well. But I'm choosing for black sequins since that is easier to wear under a blazer or jacket. I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to make the whole set for her or just the blouse and undershirt. The skirt just looks like an item you won't wear often when made out of sequin fabric. Making one with a solid fabric would be an option, it's just that you lose the dress effect when choosing the same fabric for the skirt and blouse.

McCall's - M6838

And than the second gift (actually not a gift, I just had to pay for them like anyone else) was a set of patterns made by McCalls's. The design of the blue dress will be used for making a Princess Daisy dress which I will wear to an Animecon this summer. Later on I'll publish a post completely devoted to this madness around the Daisy dress. By the way, I'm thinking that maybe I could use these patterns for making a dress for the Elf Fantasy Fair too. It would save me some money on buying new patterns...

 Happy sewing!

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