Barbie Princess Charm School dress

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As I posted a while ago, I couldn't wait to show you all my very own masterpiece. It is big, pink fluffy and glittery. And that description fits Barbie entirely! My sister, two friends of us and I together made a remake of the movie "Barbie: Princess Charm School". For those who haven't seen it (I don't blame you, it is normal not to be watching Barbie as a grown up), Barbie is called Blaire and lives in a sort of New Yorkish inspired kingdom. Her mother is really sick, but not able to pay for the doctor, so Blaire has to generate all the income by working at a restaurant. Her little sis Emily signs her up for a yearly lottery in which one girl is chosen to attend the Princess Charm School and will be educated to become a Lady Royal or in the case of blue blood, a princess. Blaire has a hard time fitting in but becomes friends with her roommates. In the end they discover that not mean girl Delancy is the heir to the throne of the kingdom, but Blaire turned out to be a long lost princess (her parents were poisoned by Delancy's mom) and claimed her right to the throne. All ends well. But of course, it wasn't the story that we loved, it was the dresses (and the fact that we could make everything pink).

Barbie Princess Charm School leading roles. Note that they too
each have a different top on their dress.

 We decided that we would not exactly remake the dresses, but add our own little touch to it. Only Barbie's dress would have a long and puffy skirt, the others would get more the type of dresses teenagers actually wear. I used McCall's 6466 (look two posts back for the designs) for all 4 dresses. Here's a little foto diary on the making of the Barbie dress:

That feeling when you come home from the fabric market
and the glory of all the new uncut fabric!

This dress needed some serious planning
Working out the tulle. The patterns you see lying on the ground
are 1/4 of one layer of the skirt. So yes, I had to cut that
8 times!
Putting together the outside of the skirt, baby pink
Try not to get lost!
Almost there!

Trying to make the skirt fit...

The dress is just getting bigger and bigger!

Awww yeah! Only the underskirt left to attach!
And I present to you: Princess Barbie in full glory

I STILL HAVE A TRAUMA FROM MAKING THAT SKIRT. McCall's wanted me to put 6 (!!!) layers of tulle in the skirt. Frankly they wanted me to end up as a long lost ballerina or something. I'll share a little secret: I only used 2 layers... Also this is the point where my grandma's 30 year old sewing machine finally decided to stop working and needed replacement. Fun fact: I broke a total of 8 needles on this dress. Yeah, I still was a bit unexperienced when I made this dress 6 months ago.

 Thanks for reading!

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