Elf Fantasy Fair- Elfia

I have this friend, we've known each other for six years now, throughout high school (yes, in the Netherlands high school takes 6(!) years). Only recently did we find out that we share the same passion for sewing! First thing we (she) decided is that we would group up and attend an Animecon together. She has already been there a couple times whereas I'm an anime greenie. She is going to get some friends together and maybe the boyfriends will even come along, so we have a group big enough to form the Mario Bros, more info on that later. But, what we suddenly realized. In April the Elf Fantasy Fair will be held at some castle ground near Utrecht (city in central Holland). Just to give you an idea: 25000 people dressed up as anything, from anime to farmers, from Harry Potter to Queen Elisabeth.

Castle de Haar, Haarzuilens, home to Elfia - the Elf Fantasy Fair

It really doesn't matter who or what you are dressed as. It can be crazy, it can be subtle, everyone respects the other. Fun thing about these sort of fairs is that a person's costume reflects who he/she actually wants to be. And of course, I already am planning on the dress I will make.

This cosplayer from the edition in 2010 inspired me like completely. Blue and gold it is.

These fabrics are from the webshop of Van Gool Fabrics in Tilburg (the city where I study!). Probably these won't be the exact fabrics I will use since they are quite expensive. But you get the idea right?

The type of dress I am looking for is going to be a Renaissance/Civil War dress. Guess that choice says a lot about me. Love glitters and big dresses. But of course the hardest part is choosing the model of the dress. Long sleeves or jacket. Train or no train (well, actually that one is easy, no train, otherwise it will be completely ruined after walking around for a whole day). So I've got some designing to do. And have to figure out how to use the scanner. Then I can upload some real quality instead of having to feed you with poorly made pictures of the designs.


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