Snow White got restyled

Meet Snow White. She's a girl who ran away from home, decided to explore the forest and lived with 7 men. So I thought, why wear the clumsy, tricky dress to run through the forest if you can also dress up in a warm comfy coat, but keep it princessy with rhinestones and a skirt?

My old Snow White doll posing in her
new outfit (she's missing some eyelashes). 

Well, actually my inspiration came from somewhere else. I recently found a old bag, which has been lost and found and lost and found during al the moving from the past few years. It contained my grandma's last projects before she passed away. I was pretty awed by this finding, and immediately decided to turn her last projects into something she would have loved. She had already started to make the skirt, so I finished it. While analyzing the other materials, I figured that she had wanted to finish the outfit with a jacket. So I tried to make one of those old fashioned traveling coats women wore in the 1850's.

Don't you just love the gold rose pin?

The collar was made with the black fake fur out of my grandma's scrap bag. To hold both the coat together I used a beautiful pin out of the bag. I had some trouble with getting the sleeves fitted since I made the entire thing without using a pattern. In the end I decided she would get puffed sleeves, since that was easier for me :).

The beautiful skirt under the coat was made
by my lovely grandma.
I'm really happy with the way the lace worked out,
plus the rhinestones are fabs!
At first I only had the black lace outlining the coat. I thought I was finished, but when I looked at the outcome I realized that it looked like she was wearing a black dress with long sleeves. So I added the black rhinestones hoping they would emphasize the outlining of the coat. When that had no effect either I decided to add red rhinestones, matching her hair bow.

Since the back was a bit tight, the train
of the skirt didn't end up so well...

The biggest burden of the whole project was getting the back into shape. Maybe next time I should think about making a pattern. Because I was mostly focusing on how to get the front right, I completely forgot to put some thought into how to cut the back piece. I ended up with making a V so the coat would fit tightly around her waist and bum.

I still have three other dolls that need some serious upgrading, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle. Since I've had them like forever I'll be taking them to my apartment when I move out this February. But I figured that simple Princess Dresses won't be considered 'cool' in a student dorm, so the others will be upgraded to more modern fashion I guess. Next up is Sleeping Beauty. I have some pink scraps left from the Barbie dress, so guess I'll use those to make her a beautiful new dress. With a train, roses and glitters. Yes that sounds great!

 Happy sewing!

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