BIG NEWS! My finals have ended! And that means I am allowed within 2 meters of my sewing machine again!. So since next week is Christmas and everything I decided that I would do my fabric shopping all at once. And I think I actually managed to not forget anything. So here are the projects I want to finish this Christmas brake:

New Look 6028

The general classic Chanel fabric with matching shiny interfacing
My sister is going to scream when she will open her Christmas present (or at least, I hope she will). She has been whining, yes whining, about wanting a Chanel jacket for ages. So I thought, why not give her all the stuff to create her own jacket? I hope she will actually finish this project, she the type that has 99 unfinished things lying around.
Black chiffon with silver embroidery. For the cuffs I got black interfacing.
The black buttons are for the front.

Vogue 1368

The next thing I bought fabric for is the Vogue set I'm making for my mom as a Christmas present. I chose black chiffon with silver embroidery to make it easy to combine and festive. Only thing I realized when I came home is that this is actually horrible fabric. Really. First, it can't be pressed (the silver embroidery will melt) and secondly, the ends curl up like craze. Oh well, let's just see it as a challenge. I just too in love with the result I have pictured in my head to give up already. I'm using some buttons I found recently in a lost-and-found bag I inherited from my grandma. My mom was really close with her, so I hope She will appreciate getting this as a tribute to my grandma for present.

The model wil get some personal adaptions to make it more
a princess dress. 

Yellow fabric & tulle for the dress. Orange interfacing, golden sequin
lining and some boning.

The third project is the Princess Daisy Dress about which I have been talking a lot :). I got yellow fabric for the bodice and yellow tulle for the skirt. The underlining will be orange and I got a 3m golden sequin band to finish off. This is going to be a tricky project since it is going to be my first time working with boning for in the corset. Anyone got any tips?

6m fabric for only 6 euro. I had to bike home, otherwise I would've bought more :)

Last but not least, I went to my most favorite stall, namely the 1 euro per meter stall. I always get a lot of fabric here, since it won't mind if my project turns out completely wrong. The fabric is still good quality, so in the few cases that the tryouts works out well, they'll still be acceptable to wear! I'm currently really busy working on the Vogue blouse, probably it'll be up tomorrow!

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