Barbie dress #3

Hello everyone!

Djeez, it has been a while! How are you all doing? Here a little update on what happened in my life during the last few months:
- I found myself an amazing boyfriend. Yeah, he is also probably the reason I had no time anymore to post stuff here.
- The best group of friends ever have found their way into my life. Terrorizing other people's life under the name of "Bottums Up" and acting like we are a dispuut has increased my student life intensively.
- Last summer I have been working in France for two months as an animator for Vacansoleil. Summer of my life.
- I turned nineteen in September! I feel sooooo old!

Those are the global big happenings in my life so far. But. There is more. Yesterday evening my sister and I watched tv a bit (Miljoenenjacht,"Millions Hunt", a guy won 710,000 euros) when all of a sudden this amazing commercial came on. Yeah yeah, I know, commercials are never fun, but just you wait! RTL4 is looking for some candidates to enter their new program called "Oog van de Naald", and as you can guess it's a show about sewing. They are looking for duos who want to participate in this competition where you have to remodel, restyle, create new clothes and most of all challenge yourself. So we decided it is finally time to put our skills to a test and subscribe! This made me think of this blog again and all the lovely things I have been creating lately and not yet have shared with you guys!

I present to you: The Blue Barbie dress you guys have never seen! In some pictures the fabric seems a bit purple but that's thanks to my horrible photographer skills. So let's zoom in on the ins and outs of this dress. First of all, as we can all see, I hadn't heard of the term 'lining' or 'interfacing' at the moment I made this (1,5 years ago). So the bodice is a bit shapeless and it itches like crazy, but hey, for the picture it's okay. Also as unskilled as I was back then, I choose for organza to go over the strapless body thinking it would give a beautiful and shiny effect. Well it does indeed add a bit of shine, but the edges are completely falling apart. Learned big deal from that mistake. Also, the waist part hasn't got any reinforcement underneath making it hang a bit and look weird. So unexperienced, I can't repeat it enough. The only thing I'm really happy with is the skirt. It puffs just exactly as I wanted it to and because I did add a skirt underneath it stays well in place. The flower fabric makes it stand out, so I just hope everyone will look at the skirt :p.

So to conclude, I love the idea of this dress, but not the fabric choices I have made. I might consider making this dress again, and completely nail it due to my dramatically increased experience. Still really happy with these McCalls patterns, but for all the skinnier girls out there: You might want to crop the patterns at the front part of the bodice and the waist a bit. Yeah I need the length of a size 38, but not the Cup C...

Shout out to my lovely sister Celeste who helped me through the hell of finishing this dress and making sure I didn't collapse while sewing!

Love ya all!

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