About me

Florence Koster
Turned 19 on September 8.
Dutch nationality.
Grew up in Menlo Park, CA.
Studying International Business Administration at Tilburg University.
Contact: florence.koster@hotmail.com

Performing Swan Lake at
 Ice Fantillusion, Belgium.
Passion numero 1: Figure Skating Jennifer, one of my oldest and dearest friends, was like only 3 when she started skating. Of course, now I wanted to skate as well. That was the best decision ever made in my life. After having learned the basics at the rink in Palo Alto, we moved back to The Netherlands. I started skating at Kids on Ice, who held these huge shows every year, comparable to Holiday/Disney on Ice, but with 250 kids (Think about an average of 1000 new costumes per year). After I participated in 10 shows (there were a total of 22, every year 1 show), it was decided that Kids on Ice would stop the shows and move on as a synchronized skating club. Now I am a proud member of the Kids on Ice Junior and Kids on Ice Senior team.

Dress made for a remake of
Barbie Princess Charm School

 Passion numero 2: Dresses
 Yeah okay, maybe it's a sewing thing. But I have this huge thing for dresses. It's actually so bad that every night I wish apon a star that the old days will return and everyone will walk around in dresses a la Queen Elizabeth I. Or that we can wear prom dresses to school. Nah, that wouldn't be comfy. But amazing.

Working on the Barbie dress
 with grandma's sewing machine

  Passion numero 3: Sewing
 It all started 15 years ago. My lovely grandma would make the most beautiful dresses for me. Every time we visited I would sit next to her and enjoy the sound of the sewing machine ticking. When I was 7, she passed away. Inheriting all her sewing stuff and machine I started messing around. Now, 11 years later I'm finally getting the hand at it.

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